Why is changing your furnace filter so important?

The filter might seem like an insignificant component in your heating and cooling needs, but it plays one of the biggest roles in your furnace’s life cycle.

What happens if your air filter isn’t changed frequently?

  • The worst case is TOTAL loss of heating and cooling.This happens when your filter doesn’t get changed for month and months on end, which causes your furnace to work harder and eventually key components break. This can be a costly fix or require a complete furnace change out.
  • Short cycling. If your filter is dirty, this can cause your furnace to turn on and off more frequently, which can also lead to key component breakdown.
  • Diminished air flow. Along with short cycling a dirty filter also causes diminished air flow. Having a dirty filter clogs the filter and reduces the amount of air that can flow into the furnace. Imagine trying to breath through a dirty filter and getting all that dirt, dust and other particles into your lungs and then try running around the block…you probably won’t get very far.
  • Frozen coil. The coil is part of your air conditioning system. A dirty filter can cause the coil to freeze up and can lead to ice forming on the unit.

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