As the weather turns colder, we typically see a rise in our gas/electricity bills. Here are 6 tips to help you save money on your heating costs:

1. Replace your furnace filter. Dirty filters not only clog up your furnace, but they reduce the efficiency of your system. Changing out your furnace filter every other month can help improve your furnace’s efficiency and help reduce your monthly gas bill.

2. Check your thermostat settings. Set your fan to “auto” so that it runs only when your furnace is running. This will help reduce you electricity bill. Another recommendation is to install a programmable thermostat and set your temperature lower during the times when nobody is home. Keep the temperature set within 5-10 degrees of your preferred temperature setting to avoid drawing too much energy when your system kicks on to warm up before you get home.

3. Keep your ducts clean. It is recommended that ducts are cleaned every 3-5 years. If someone in your household has allergies, then it is recommended that you have your ducts cleaned every year.

4. Check your ducts for any leaks & insulate the ones in unheated areas like the attic & crawl spaces. Leaky ducts will impact your air flow and send heated air into areas where the heat is not needed.

5. Buy insulated drapes. Anyone that has touched a cold window in the winter, knows that windows and patio doors can impact your indoor temperature. Keeping your windows covered with insulated drapes will improve the insulation value of your windows.

6. Make sure your outside doors are sealed tight. If you can feel air coming in from the outside when your doors are closed, then you will need to add insulation strips to the door jamb. Buying door draft guards can also help eliminate any leaks from the bottom of your door.

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